My Children's Book

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As you might know if you have been to my office and seen the photos on my walls, I am an obsessive scuba diver. I especially love diving in the waters off the shores of New jersey and Long island, right in our back yard!

The ocean floor in this area - the "New York Bight" - is covered with thousands of shipwrecks. Many of these are historically significant, the victims of submarine warfare, navigational errors, fires and storms. All of them, as well as other wrecks deliberately sunk as artificial reefs, support a thriving marine ecosystem with everything from coral to humpback whales.

Kids love stories about sea creatures, and they especially love learning about the animals living right in their ocean backyards. I took 29 of my favorite photos, and put them into a children's book. There are actually two versions of the book (with the same photos), one focused on New York City and one on the New Jersey shore for the young people of the Garden State! Here are a few sample images, click on the left or right side to turn the pages.

There is a New York and a New Jersey version - they have the same photos but different text and covers. You can click on this link to see them both, flip through all of the pages and order them online. There is no upcharge on these, I don't make any money on them. I'm just happy to share the beauty of our local sea creatures.

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