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I have always felt that computers had great potential in medicine, and my interest in this field goes back many years. As technology has developed over the past few decades, I have seen more and better medical computing applications, leading up to the modern Internet where patients and their families can research conditions and communicate with their physicians online.

This photo is the front panel of my first computer, a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP 8/s, build in 1969. I worked as a programmer in a bioengineering lab in the early 1980s, writing software to help analyze gait using high speed digital cameras. During medical school, my research involved an artificial intelligence system to help physicians optimize medical management. Later, as multimedia applications became feasible for personal computers in the early 1990s, I developed CD-ROM based training material for ENT residents. More recently, I have pushed for the widespread adoption of online doctor-patient communication.

My first ENT Web site went online in the very early days of the Web, in 1994. The links on the left will show you what the site looked like over the years, as I continued to revise and update the content, navigation, Web code and overall design.